BMW Europe

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Ultimate showroom experience for BMW clients.


German luxury automaker BMW associated with its tagline The Ultimate Driving Machine, designs innovation into every aspect of its product, including its showrooms. BMW sought to provide the “ultimate” auto showroom experience in Europe for its customers.


BMW required a solution for creating a showroom as state of the art as its automobiles. The goal: provide an engaging showroom that allowed clientele to interact with the BMW brand in a new way—a way that put visitors in the driver seat before even opening a car door.


SensyTouch--multi-touch technology--custom-designed a sophisticated software solution wrapped in an ultra-sleek (2.6 inch deep) display to enhance BMW’s showroom with an interactive tool. The high def graphics and responsive multi-touch interaction brought the BMW showroom to a new level of engagement—one beyond brochures and catalogs. The customers’ brand engagement through multi-touch displays connects the customer through a new visual medium that provides an extension of the showroom. The solution added elegance, fun and functionality to the showroom experience—all qualities worthy of BMW.