LISTERINE with Kinect

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Clever showcase of Listerine's products at AEEDC


As the #1 brand recommended by dental professionals, LISTERINEĀ® believes that oral health to the quality of modern human's life.


The challenge came from the need of presenting LISTERINE's vision to a group of recognized dental professionals during AEEDC - UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition.


LISTERINE was facing a dilemma on how to most effectively address their audience. By ignoring traditional methods of information delivery - like handing out information pamphlets - Listerine was able to deliver information in memorable, exceptional way. The solution not only have provided deep information about their products but also featured an engaging germ-fighting, Kinect controlled games.

On top of that, additional interest was generated by providing dentists an ability to email themselves a free set of materials, including latest oral health studies, using the interactive multi-touch dashboard.