Natural Sciences Museum Complex

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Excellence in exhibits using latest technology.


The Galati Natural Sciences Museum Complex planned to pull out all the stops for an exhibit that would celebrate City Day and the National Day of Romania. With an ever-increasing reputation for excellence in exhibits and modernization, the museum desired to present an interactive exhibit using the latest technology.


The Natural Sciences Museum Complex wanted to put a more personal touch on an upcoming exhibit that would bring the city of Galati’s history to its residents through photographs that could be viewed as more than mere pictures on a wall.


SensyTouch, multi-touch technology, was brought on board to create an interactive experience for kindergarteners to senior citizens. SensyTouch digitized a wide-range of historic images into dedicated multi-touch software. The customized approach provided a solution in the form of a slender 65” multi-touch table with 48 zero-pressure touch points. The multi-touch feature allowed many users to engage with the exhibit at the same time as well as easily compare photos—past and present—with a simple touch. The solution was interactive, educational and personalized.