The XFactor (Romania and Dubai)

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Invaluable tool for X Factor judges.


The popular reality show The X Factor wanted to find new technology that would serve as an invaluable tool for its judges during the pre-selection process of candidates for the talent show. The goal was to find a solution that would be as interactive as the show itself.


The X Factor wanted to help judges make quick and objective decisions, making the job easier, smoother and more efficient. Accuracy of the show’s candidate information was paramount.


SensyTouch literally put all the candidates’ information at the judges’ fingertips by developing an application specifically for the show that incorporated all the necessary data—photos, videos, musical experience, personal information and more. The X Factor got what it needed: interaction, ease of use, state-of-the-art engaging software and responsiveness along with the ability of the multi-touch display to travel with the cast and crew to each location. The software and hardware proved to be exactly right for this entertainment industry icon.