A sensory exhibit

"Nocturnal Animal Senses", a first-of-a-kind sensory exhibit featuring hi-tech interaction, opens this month and continues through September 2014.

SensyTouch brought its design and software application expertise to "shine light" on a nocturnal exhibit at The Museum of Natural Sciences in Galati, Romania. The multi-touch solutions company and its team of programmers, designers and engineers collaborated with museum officials to bring visitors—young and old—in touch with creatures that thrive during the night time.

"This is the first time in Romania that an exhibit has featured this scale of multi-touch experience and engagement," said Teodor Tanase, Co-founder and VP of SensyTouch. "It’s exciting to be part of an exhibit of this scale and help provide an interactive learning experience."

The animals from owls to bats can be seen and heard through the technology available in this exhibit. The various screens (from 10-inch tablets to 22-inch, 42-inch and 100-inch displays) are dark—until they are touched, bringing the animal to life through the use of the touch and gestures.

For example, once the SensyTouch 42-inch display table is touched, the animal touched on the screen is revealed and the visitor can learn about that animal, its environment, hunting habits and more. Surrounding the exhibit are life-like stuffed animals that are spotlighted when a corresponding animal on a display screen is touched.

Visitors learn how prey hides from predators at night to how a lion hunts in the dark and how bats navigate in pitch darkness.

Within two months of the museum’s request, SensyTouch designed and engineered its software that included applications for Android tablets and Microsoft Kinect. The exhibit opened July 12.

SensyTouch also participated in an exhibit at the Natural Sciences Museum Complex in late 2012 when it lent its multi-touch expertise to the exhibition in honor of City Day and the National Day of Romania. The photo exhibit was "Galati…Then & Now."