Sensory experience

SensyTouch unveils augmented reality application for added sensory experience.

SensyTouch, a leader in the multi-touch interactive systems, now develops augmented reality (AR) applications to add to its solution-driven products. SensyTouch launched its new application with Dubai One TV, a 24-hour satellite television network, which applied new AR technology to one of its highly rated shows.

"Our AR app solutions allowed Dubai One TV’s presenters to interact in a unique way with the show’s content," said Suda Sampath, president and CEO of SensyTouch. "Our AR application is a perfect addition to the SensyTouch brand, known for its versatile, interactive multi-touch systems."

AR melds live, direct or indirect real-world environment with computer-generated sensory input, including sound, graphics or other data. It works with the real world. It doesn’t create a simulated world such as with virtual reality.

AR is used on mobile phones and tablets by gathering information surrounding a person and overlaying information on the cell phone. Use of AR apps also includes video games, entertainment and even military.

For Dubai One TV, the SensyTouch AR app added to the station’s engaging show—Out & About. The AR app solution enhanced the show’s interactive component and participant involvement.

One episode at the Contemporary Dance Dubai featured an application downloaded to an individual’s smartphone for use with a marker. The marker is used by individuals to access information about the instructors and classes that are offered. In another episode a football marker allowed users to attempt to shoot the ball into the goal through use of the AR app.

Dubai One TV, owned by Dubai Media Incorporated, caters to the entertainment needs of English speaking Arabs and expatriates in the region.