Incorporating all of the latest technologies into school's curriculum is a must in this day and age.

By fully utilizing our multi-touch displays in classrooms, students are able to engage in an interactive learning experience that has the power to revolutionize education.

By integrating a school’s curriculum with our education solutions, teachers are able to present material in an entirely new way, while students participate in hands-on interactions with human machine interface.


With multi-touch technology, museums can encourage visitors to explore exhibitions in ways that has never been possible.

Now there is a chance for the audience to examine the areas in which, usually, does not have access, such as scientific repositories or the spectacular technological spaces.

SensyTouch has the ability to make each visit to the Museum to be customized, saved, and shared with your family or with your friends on social networks.

With SensyTouch systems the lobby of a hotel can transform into a stunning and memorable experience.

Through a simple touch on the surface of the table on which I sit, customers can create their own lists of songs to listen to, with friends or family, you can make a virtual tour to explore the attractions and services in the area or explore the hotel's locations in other cities or countries, in no time at all.

Whether you're waiting, whether you are in the lobby for a few moments of relaxation, SensyTouch can prove a reliable partner.


Cutting-edge technologies can offer customers an extraordinary shopping experience.

Using multi-touch systems in malls, customers will be able to interact with product catalogs, pricing, promotions, shopping, maps, and more.

In an industry that sells an experience as much as sells a product, SensyTouch has the power to provides undeniable advantages over competitors.

Whether it be shows, concerts, theatres or contests, with SensyTouch you can amaze your audience.

One of the central ideas behind the multi-touch technology is that it's fun to use, so where would be the best place to implement than the entertainment industry?

Create a first class image of your showroom using innovative equipment specialized for products presentation.

SensyTouch makes it possible to ensure a memorable experience for potential customers.

With special interactive app for automotive showrooms, SensyTouch provides 360° view of the vehicles of choice, options, accessories and interchangeable virtual exploration in detail, interactive digital brochures, and more.

Captivate the audience to interact with the content immedietaly at first sight by crafting the unforgettable experience.

Use of multi-touch, the events that we organise, will cause participants to remember the happy moments when they could interact on a personal level with your ideas or products presented.